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October 2010
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chaoticlivi [userpic]

Screw all this friends-only crap...from now on, only if it's really sensitive info that I probably shouldn't be telling my friends, either.

Funny how I can talk like months have not passed since I made an entry.

Last time I made an entry, some very interesting things were taking place. But I didn't mention any of them to anybody except close family members for fear of scaring away the magic. Seven months later, well...we've been dating for half a year already.

That's been the best part.

Other than that, I finished up another semester. One to go.

I can NOT wait to get out of school. I hate, loathe, detest, and abhor attending school. Yes, all at once, even though they all mean the same thing. And please, please don't say anything about "opening doors" or making me a Well-Rounded Person. I've been opening doors for seventeen years now; I want to see something other than yet another door behind it. All the doors look pretty much the same, too...

Oh, right, Last entry was about my grandfather's kitty. I did pick out a new one during Thanksgiving break; her name is Lucy, and she is very sweet, especially to him, which is very important. <3

And about all those stupid animal muse posts, how embarrassing. Of course, I'm still working on it.

When you are recreating in a state park such as Hammonasset Beach, where I am working, and you see a bright red Wrong Way sign on the road, you should not drive toward it.

Current Mood: cheerfulcheerful

I agree about the school thing. God and that's what I'll be doing forever xD But yeah, school is so goddamn stressful, and the neverending procession of 'doors' does get pretty old : /. But you're almost finished! : D