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October 2010
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chaoticlivi [userpic]

Haiku every day.

Every. FUCKING. Day.

At least one. Extra credit for more.

Now let's define our terms.

By "haiku," I mean the 17-syllable English version. Something I learned recently is that Japanese haikus are based not on syllables but on something else, and that they would be shorter than the ones we usually churn out. So I guess I'm talking about the fake kind.

Haha. Whatever. The point for me is just to have fun. I want to promise to do something each day that will be creative, but not too time-consuming. Also, I rarely really try to enjoy "the moment." I'm always worried about the future or wondering about the past. I think the past and future are important, but you have to be able to enjoy the present, too.

So I figure that trying to think of how to make 17 syllables express something significant might help me concentrate on the interesting things around and within me, because that's where I'll be looking for inspiration.

I'm also planning to do a small picture every day...even if I end up drawing the same kinds of things EVERY day...

For the record: Warm heartbeats in tree colors reflect our hearthflames, the chill accenting.

I'm going to go to bed and compose today's.


Just remember that the past is only as important as we make it, and that the future is just the product of the present. It's good to plan, but not so much that you lose the present.